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‘Our team of expert valuation specialists approaches the unique requirements of each client with a meticulous and comprehensive examination of the business. This approach is underpinned by extensive research, practical considerations, and a deep understanding of valuation methodologies, including the market method.’


Advisory Team Support: Our advisory services are supported and underpinned by our expert valuation team from our dedicated valuation practice, Expert Business Valuations. For more information about our services and how we can assist you, please click here to visit our business site.

Expert Business provides comprehensive market evaluations of business assets and goodwill for various critical purposes:

  • Transactions: Facilitating activities such as sales, capital raising, or the integration of a new partner
  • Partnership Dynamics: Assisting with partnership dissolutions, disputes, buy-outs, and resolving shareholder or business partner conflicts.
  • Business Benchmarking: Evaluating business performance against a business plan or aiding strategic decisions like planning acquisitions or disposals.
  • Marital and Legal Affairs: Supporting marriage breakdowns, property settlements, and divorce proceedings.
  • Litigations and Compensation: Addressing legal disputes, property resumptions, and compensation claims.
  • Succession and Estate Planning: Aiding in succession planning and managing deceased estates.
  • Valuation for Transactions: Determining the proper value in business buying or selling scenarios.
  • Taxation and Restructuring: Serving tax-related needs in business restructuring or issuing employee incentives.

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