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‘Exit planning reinvigorates your passion for the business and imbues your daily work with greater purpose while ensuring peace of mind through a well-orchestrated strategic exit’

At Expert Business, we empower you to move forward with the sale of your business confidently and knowledgeably. Let us help you transform your hard work into the ultimate payoff as you prepare for the next exciting phase of your life.  Our proven PRIME ™ system will have your business primed for sale ensuring maximum value realised upon sale.


How We Do It: Our Process


Our structured process ensures a seamless transition from evaluation to transaction:

1. Assess

The initial phase involves a thorough evaluation of your business to establish a clear understanding of its current state and immediate areas for improvement.

2. Diagnose

We then move to diagnose underlying issues that could impede value maximisation, focusing on strategic improvements to enhance the overall business appeal and function.

3. Advise

Based on the insights gained, we advise on and implement strategic actions to address identified issues and leverage opportunities for enhancing business value.

4. Exit Execution

Finally, we handle the complete transaction process, from marketing your business to negotiating the sale, ensuring everything aligns with your financial and personal goals.

What We Do: The PRIME System


At Expert Business, our strategic approach is centred around the PRIME System, designed to maximise the value and marketability of your business through five key areas:

  • Profit Maximisation: We begin by enhancing your profitability, which not only funds future improvements but also attracts potential buyers or investors right from the start.
  • Risk Minimisation: After maximising profits, we secure these gains by addressing potential risks that could impact the sale or transition of the business.
  • Investment Readiness: Our next step is to make your business more attractive to investors by highlighting its strengths, financial performance, and growth potential.
  • Market Readiness: Preparing your business for the market, we devise a strategic go-to-market plan that positions your business as a prime acquisition target.
  • Exit Execution: Finally, we manage the exit process, overseeing the sale and ensuring a successful and smooth handover to new ownership.
Exit Planning

Understanding your business from an objective standpoint is crucial, and that’s where our exit planning services come into play. In collaboration with our professional partners, we offer a strategic exit planning process that not only provides you with an outsider’s view of your business but also highlights the areas for improvement to maximise your return upon sale.

Benefits of Exit Planning

Clients utilising our Exit planning solutions can anticipate:

  • Identification of value gaps and transferability obstacles. → Pinpointing starting points for value enhancement.
  • Establishment of clear priorities, strategies, and timeframes. → Setting clear priorities, strategies, and timelines for improvement.
  • Enhancement of your company’s attractiveness to potential buyers. → Making your company more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Increase in overall value for all shareholders. → Ensuring the highest possible return on sale.
  • Smoother management transition processes. → Facilitating a seamless change in leadership.
  • Minimisation of risks and prevention of costly mistakes. → Reducing uncertainties and potential hurdles & Navigating away from common pitfalls in the selling process.
Succession Planning

Our succession planning offerings span typically from one to five years, aimed at minimising business interruption risks, orchestrating a well-defined handover strategy, maintaining key personnel, and boosting operational efficiency.

These services are crafted to support business proprietors in preparing for a smooth transition of leadership and ownership, ensuring sustained operations and stability as they move towards retirement or reduce their active involvement.

Benefits of Succession Planning

Clients utilising our succession planning solutions can anticipate:

  • An optimistic outlook for the future.
  • Retention of high-achieving employees.
  • Improved revenue and profit margins throughout the changeover period.
  • Successful realisation of the business owner’s visions for retirement.

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